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Business Loans Small Repayments

Business Loans

You Don't Need To Rely On The Banks To Get A Business Loan

Small and medium-sized businesses are finding it more difficult to gain essential finance through traditional lending methods like the bank. Bank business loans are becoming harder to come by since the recession, and now banks are putting small businesses through their paces by giving them difficult application processes and conducting stringent credit checks which can prevent many businesses from obtaining the essential finance they need.

Why has confidence in lending lowered?

In the media and on the news it has been continuously reported over the past couple of years how difficult it is for small businesses to survive, especially as banks are unwilling to lend essential money for business improvement. This means that some businesses are not even attempting to apply for a business loan, because they feel like it would be a waste of their time and would put a blemish on their credit history at the same time.

The result of this is that more small businesses have to close the doors or restrict their operations because they simply do not have the vital funds they need to continue their business.

What other options are available?

A business loan from Capiota allows you to access funds from £3,500 - £150,000 to invest directly into your business. You can use this to create a website, improve your premises, open a new location, bulk buy stock for a better price or invest in company advertising campaigns.

The short term business loan has been designed specifically to meet the working capital needs of small to medium sized businesses and is unsecured which means that none of your personal or business assets are at risk, unlike the many other business finance alternatives.

How is the loan repaid?

Capiota offers a flexible automated repayment system which enables you to pay back the loan in small daily amounts, rather than one lump sum at the end of the month.

This gives you tighter control over your day-to-day finances. Repayments are collected directly from your chosen business bank account so all you need to do is make sure funds are available. You can also choose your repayment term from 5-8 months.

Is it quick finance?

Sometimes it is important to get a business loan approved and funded as quickly as possible, for instance, to act quickly when an opportunity arises or when essential bills need to be paid. Money from the Capiota loan can be transferred into your chosen account in as little as a few short days. Ongoing funds are also available; you can top up your loan after a certain percentage has been paid off.

How easy is it to apply?

Application doesn't mean hours of paperwork, business meetings and so on. You can apply easily online or call one of our friendly staff if you need more information about any aspect of the loan. 90% of eligible applicants are approved as well - so you have less need to worry about having your loan rejected compared to traditional banks.

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