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Business Loans Small Repayments

Need a business loan with affordable daily repayments? Simply enter your monthly turnover and adjust the sliders to get started

What's your average monthly turnover?
How do I work out my monthly turnover?

Total your previous 6 months gross business sales turnover and divide that figure by 6. This will give you your estimated monthly average.

minimum £3,500
You can borrow
this much...
maximum £150,000
Over what period would
you like to repay?

To borrow your daily repayment is over

Daily repayment is calculated as: (principal + fee + interest) divided by the number of days in the selected loan. Borrow between 10% and 90% of turnover with repayments over 5 to 8 months.

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About our short term business loans

Convenient, fast and manageable small business finance from Capiota.

If you are running a small business you know how important the effective management of your day to day finances are. Read more

Short term business loans from Capiota are built upon fast, manageable and accessible values that help you to expand and grow your business. Capiota business loans are calculated in line with your business turnover so we can tailor the repayments to small manageable daily amounts that are automatically taken from your account, enabling you to micromanage your business finances with confidence.

Taking a small business loan from Capiota gives you:
  • Access to finance between £3,500 - £150,000
  • Manageable small fixed daily repayments
  • Ability to top up your loan after a certain percentage has been paid off
  • No fixed assets required to be secured against the loan

This refreshing approach to business lending has been kept simple so you the business owner can concentrate on your business goals.


What our clients are saying

“Flexible, short term funding that is easy and straight forward to apply for”
—Catering Company, Wakefield

“Quick approval/funding – easy application/minimal paperwork - flexible”
— Wholesale Baker , Glasgow

“A friendly approach with great service”
—Access Equipment, Wolverhampton

A new business loan with manageable repayments